1. Mid-City Bayou BoogalooMission: to restore the social fabric of Mid-City and Faubourg St. John; to connect neighbors, neighborhoods, and businesses; and to provide hope for the future by creating an opportunity for all residents to celebrate the heritage, culture, and diversity of New Orleans. The festival is located on the historically significant banks of Bayou St. John, in Mid-City New Orleans, which is zoned by the city as recreational/open space. In the festival’s four years of operation to date, the Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo has quickly established itself as a new tradition that preserves the culture and heritage of this historic and beautiful urban waterway. The importance of the Bayou Boogaloo to Mid-City New Orleans is apparent in the support the festival receives from neighborhood organizations. The Mid-City Neighborhood Organization, Faubourg St. John Neighborhood Organization, and Parkview Neighborhood Organization all function as collaborative action networks for local merchants and residents. Bayou Boogaloo also serves as a crucial outreach tool for the MotherShip Foundation’s approach to meeting needs by motivating citizens to actively engage themselves in matters that affect their community, collaborate with other organizations, build awareness, and demand better recreational opportunities from our government agencies. This community-based approach has proven to be successful largely because policy-makers tend to listen to numbers and the media, both of which MotherShip Foundation involves, when it comes to making fundamental change.
  2. RestoreTheCanopyButtonRestore the Bayou Canopy -MotherShip Foundation, the nonprofit that presents The Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo, is announcing a new campaign to replace live oak trees along Bayou St. John. Two live oaks were lost during Hurricane Katrina, while Hurricane Isaac has taken another two. These trees have provided shade and improved the quality of life for neighborhood residents for decades, if not centuries! They increase property values while adding to the picturesque view along Bayou St. John.  To date, we have replaced 5-two hundred gallon live oak trees with more on the way in 2013.
  3. Past Projects
  1. Festival of Neighborhoods
  2. Sunset Sunday’s
  3. Music After School
  4. Mid-City Volleyball Group
  5. Easton Park
  6. Restore the Bayou Canopy