Mothership Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit  organization dedicated to encouraging social change by improving the quality of life for Louisiana residents through the promotion of arts, culture, and recreation.

MotherShip Foundation was initially established in October 2005 to reinvigorate the people of post-Katrina New Orleans. To achieve this goal, MotherShip Foundation created The Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo: a free, family-friendly, multi-cultural festival that celebrates the heritage of New Orleans music, cuisine, art, and culture. The first Bayou Boogaloo was a one-day, one-stage event that attracted nearly 5,000 people. Over the past decade, the Boogaloo has grown into a three-stage, three day festival that attracts roughly 35,000 people annually!

The success of The Bayou Boogaloo has enabled MotherShip Foundation to pursue its mission through community partnerships and launching new programs of its own. Since 2012, MotherShip has invested in its Restore The Bayou Canopy Campaign, which has planted eight large live oak trees along the Bayou Saint John public parkway. In 2015, the Foundation started its first ever MemberShip Drive. Thanks to the 60+ founding members who joined,  MotherShip is now pursuing a new anti-litter campaign aimed at increasing waste management solutions along Bayou Saint John.

As MotherShip grows and prepares for the future, we hope our passion for arts, culture, and recreation helps improve your quality of life and inspires your own passions. Please consider becoming a member, coming out to our festivals, or supporting our programs.