Canopy Club Members

Hello Canopy Club Members!
Thank you for your patience as the festival approaches. Every year, our festival family begins with less than 10 core staff and grows into 80+ staff, 60+ art vendors, 30+ food/beverage vendors, 10+ retail vendors, 10+ Community Partners, 20+ Sponsors, 50+ Members, 150+ volunteers, and 200+ musicians. Whew! Hence, let me repeat, thank you so much for your patience!
Below you will find all of the information you should need to know regarding arrival and check in. For general information, please refer to our website,

You will be able to pick up your VIP wristband(s) at the Canopy Club Entrance, which is located to the right of the MotherShip Foundation Orleans Stage.
MERCHANDISE PERKS: (Flags, Posters, MemberShip Cards)
You will be able to pick up your Merchandise Perks from the Festival Merchandise Booth, which is located between the bar and restrooms that are off to the left side of the MotherShip Foundation Orleans Stage, adjacent to Jeff Davis Pkwy. Simply tell the booth’s staff members that you are there to pick up your MemberShip Perks. Please be aware that the posters are large and in soft carrying sleeves, so you will most likely want to pick up your Merchandise Perks as you leave the festival.
If you purchased more than one Canopy Club MemberShip, then all of your Credentials and Merchandise Perks are packaged under the name of the person who made the purchase. You are responsible for distributing extra passes to your guests. However, it you have special circumstances that make this difficult, then please let our staff know as you check in, and we can add your guests to a separate list.
Due to the residential setting of our festival, parking is extremely limited, and MotherShip Foundation is unable to provide guaranteed parking. As such, we highly recommend using alternative transportation. Please see our website’s Map + Transportation page for more details.
If you must travel by vehicle, then you’ll want to check out our website’s Parking page for helpful advice regarding parking and avoiding street closures.
All locations mentioned above are identified on the Festival Map, which is attached to this email. You can also click here to see the map on our website.
Thank you all again so much for being Members and contributing to MotherShip Foundation. This organization means so much to the people who come together every year to make The Bayou Boogaloo possible. Because of your support, we are able to grow this foundation beyond one weekend a year to achieve things like our Restore the Bayou Canopy and Anti-Litter Campaigns. We know there are a lot of arts and culture nonprofits in this city, and your choice to support MotherShip Foundation reassures our crew that all of their hard work is worth it and means something to our neighbors and friends. We’ll send out official thank you letters after the festival, but for now, please know how much your support is appreciated.
Have a great time at the fest, and see you all soon!